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Reflective heat transfer

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Colorful reflection

    Product classification : ordinary reflective use of a complete set of polyurethane series of ink, reflective effect is good, silver reflection is up to 300 degrees, transparent reflection is up to 150 degrees, is the first choice for nightwear and traffic...

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Product details




Product introduction:

Using ordinary transfer printing process with transparent reflective plant film

The Heat transfer label is printed by the traditional color separation screen overprint method.

Product information:

environmental protection certification

SGS certification



Tensile strength




Weather fastness

In winter, it does not crack at − 30 degrees, and in summer, it does not anti-stick at 80 degrees.

Ink properties


product specification


Use material

Silver reflective film, transparent reflective film

Pressing temperature

150-160 degrees

Pressing pressure


Pressing time


Tear-off method

 tearing after cool down

 surface effect

Reflective / refracted light

washing way

Household washing machine

washing temperature


washing time

30 minutes / time

frequency of water

More than 20 times


From deep to light pressure color, spot color printing

Adapting fabric

It is suitable for night clothes, traffic signs and so on.


suzhou jiangsu

industry application

It is widely used in all kinds of clothing, traffic signs and other industries.

Product characteristics:

1、The reflection effect is good.

2、The reflective degree of silver film can reach 300 degrees, and the reflective degree of transparent film can reach 150 degrees.

3、Strong personalization, multiple colors can be overprinted at the same time

4、Washing effect is good, do not drop the beads

5、Environmental Protection is certified by SGS

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