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Corporation dynamic

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Corporation dynamic

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Garment transfer printing, as the name implies : the clothes that have been made can be worn to the transfer printing factory printing processing. Because of the finished clothes, the front and back pieces have been stitched together with the sleeves. When such clothes are transferred for printing, the difficulty is greater than that of a simple cloth piece. The reasons can be summarized as follows :

1.Clothing wrinkle problem

The distance between the two factories, is the transfer of printing factory customers, sometimes very far away. Imagine : A piece of clothing, sewn into the garment factory, repackaging, strapping, packaging, and then a box covered on the car, and then shipped to the transfer factory. In this way, after the transfer factory received the goods and opened the box, all the clothes in the box became Zoubaba. If not, how to transfer printing ?

For the above problems, it is recommended to do so :

( 1 ) As the person in charge of the transfer factory, must ask the garment factory, must press the good clothes carton after loading ( preferably not with woven bags ), and then sent to the transfer factory.

( 2 ) The first thing after the transfer factory received a car clothing : check the number of goods, and registered by the box. The group leader should transfer the goods and the register to the printing factory and report to the printing office.

( 3 ) Check the clothes for damage, stains and wrinkles. If there are wrinkles on the clothes, the number of clothes will be sent back to the garment factory for a long time, and the number will be reduced.

2.The problem of color difference between the front and back of clothes

A garment for transfer printing, according to common sense, but also due to objective reasons, had to print the edge, and then print the other side. At this time, many transfer printing factories often find that after printing the front color, the color of the color is inconsistent, and sometimes the difference is greater. Imagine how these clothes will be returned to the customer. How do you sell your heart ?

Solution :

( 1 ) Before printing, before printing, try to cool clothes to the normal temperature before printing.

( 2 ) Before completing each piece of clothing, you must complete the completion of each piece of clothing. Do not print before printing in the morning. After that, it will be printed in the afternoon ( or in the evening after printing ).

( 3 ) Clothes that have just been ironed with an iron cannot be transferred immediately, so that the remaining water vapor can be removed and then transferred. If, transfer printing factory can be careful and meticulous, responsible for the treatment of every customer, every piece of clothing, found that the problem in a timely manner to correct, how to do not print ? To know that the printing quality is good or bad, the printing cost of each piece of clothing is the same, not the printing quality is poor, the cost will be low, on the other hand, the printing quality is high, the cost is not high.

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