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Corporation dynamic

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Corporation dynamic

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Transfer printing is divided into wet method, dry method, steam method, vacuum method, thermal method and other forms. The transfer printing method can accurately reproduce the pattern, which is convenient for mechanized production, and the process is simple. In particular, the post-treatment process of printing is simpler than the traditional printing and dyeing, and the printing feel is the same as the printing and dyeing, so it has the potential to gradually replace the old printing. However, most of the printing and dyeing factories in China still use the traditional printing and dyeing method, and only a few production units use transfer printing for production.

The characteristics of transfer printing :

( 1 ) The transfer printing pattern has the characteristics of realistic pattern, fine pattern, clear level and strong three-dimensional sense. Transfer printing can print natural scenery and artistic patterns.

( 2 ) Transfer printing equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, small footprint, low investment and high economic efficiency. Because the equipment is tension-free processing, it is suitable for all kinds of thick and thin printing. In addition, transfer printing can be packaged out of the factory without post-processing.

( 3 ) There is no environmental pollution problem in transfer printing. Due to dry processing, there is no need for washing, steaming, drying and other processes, so there is no exhaust gas and wastewater discharge.

( 4 ) Transfer printing has the advantages of high production efficiency, labor saving and simple operation.

Transfer printing principle :

Transfer printing is mostly used for polyester fabrics. It is a printing method that the dye is sublimated by high temperature ( about 200 °C ) and condensed into gas phase on the surface of polyester fiber, then penetrates into the amorphous region of fiber macromolecules, and is fixed inside the fiber after cooling.

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